Client Testimonials

Here at Landry & Landry, P.C., we value our clients and strive to create the best legal experience possible.  We take pride in our work and truly value our client relationships.  But don't take our word for it.  Read on for comments from some of our past clients and their views on working with Landry & Landry, P.C.


I reside in Maine and have been a single mother working in health care for 12 years. My daughter's father lived in MA., had a job, a masters degree, and literally disappeared during the first trimester of pregnancy. No phone, no forwarding address. I knew early in my pregnancy that I would be going at it alone. My original child support order in 2002 was obtained by Maine DHHS through Massachusetts courts and was based the income he reported, which was very low. Based on his education and background, I knew the reported income was not accurate within 1 year of the order. For several years I tried to pursue an child support increase review through the Maine State DHHS. They stated unless I had proof of other parent's increase in income or he stopped his small payments, I could not request a review. They frequently told me how difficult it was to locate the parent and manage an out of state case. They made many mistakes, including giving me false legal information, and always seemed to cover the paper trail. Since the other parent disappeared, I had no way of finding or confirming his employment let alone his residence. After consulting several lawyers who all agreed Maine courts were the place to start, I began proceedings with her father. It took a year for me to squirrel the money away to hire a lawyer. He did not appear for the court date and unfortunately, only the judge knew that Maine was not the correct jurisdiction. A year of my time and savings gone, I had to start over in the Mass court system. At this point, I felt completely hopeless and vulnerable. I had been let down by so many well manered legal professionals and not-so-well mannered agencies here in Maine, I just expected the same from an unknown lawyer in Massachusetts. I obtained Charles Landry's name from the legal bar association referral system, prayed to God, and prepared for another long, expensive, and unknown outcome. Here's where Mr. Charles Landry really surprised me. Actually, "shock" is a more accurate word. Since the other parent had not responded to any court dates or petition inquiries in Maine, we still had no idea of his income. However, Mr. Landry took it upon himself to do research and legwork to obtain reliable income records to resolve my case in the first court appearance. The judge signed the petition and it was done. Done. What surprised me is that Mr.Landry easily could have let this case play out with many court appearances, petitions, and filings to leverage the retainer fee. He chose not to. Instead, he took the initiative to resolve my case quickly and effectively on my behalf. I still had a credit balance on the retainer fee that was returned to me. I have never met Mr.Landry face to face. I've talked to him on the phone, and sent him my credit card info for his very reasonable retainer fee. The sense of vulnerability I felt doing this was almost unbearable. He could have easily taken a more financially self-interested route with the same eventual outcome and I would have my hands tied. But he didn't. His level of integrity, business ethic, and honesty is still shocking to me. I am very grateful for his trust-worthy work and would highly recommend him. And the even better news? The child support increase was substantial. While it pains me to know that my child's father's income had long been much higher, I am so deeply relieved to have this finally completed after so many years. Thank you, Attorney Landry, for your honesty and ethic. It made a huge difference to us. -MB, Portland, ME

My wife and I hired Charles and his law firm to help us file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 2011.  Charles really went out of his way to explain the process and all of our options before we made a final decision.  In fact, he even made a house visit when we were not able to come to office.  He has a superior knowledge of the Bankruptcy laws and how to navigate them appropriately and to the benefit of his clients.  Better yet, my wife and I always felt very comfortable and at ease in our business dealings with Charles.  As we complete the Bankruptcy process, we now have a financial clean slate and the ability to start over.  I cannot articulate the level of relief we now feel as result.  Charles was always available for questions and quick to respond.  His professional demeanor is very down to earth, which we found to be very comforting.  At the very beginning of the process, we were very stressed and overwhelmed by the very notion of having to consider Bankruptcy.  But after meeting with Charles, all of our fears and anxiety went away.  At the meeting of the creditors, he gave us a play-by-play and represented us in person to ease our concerns and ensure a smooth outcome.  We made a terrific decision by hiring Charles and he is now on our speed dial for all things legal.  He and his law firm have our strong endorsement.  We highly recommend him.  -MTF, Taunton, MA

I would highly recommend Charles. He helped our company with a ZBA issue/variance in Raynham, MA. We could not have done it without him. His persistence and knowledge made all the difference. If you need a attorney that is personable, trustworthy, and produces great results he is your solution. -KB, Dedham, MA

You hear people say that divorce is hard and stressful and that it takes a toll on you emotionally. I always assumed that what was hard and emotional was the breakdown of the marriage-the relationship. What I learned is the relationship is long-over by the time divorce is discussed. What IS hard about divorce is the break-up (financially and legally) of the marriage. There is so much to navigate in the process and with emotions high and so much to lose I am grateful to have chosen Attorney Charles Landry as my lawyer. Charles is extremely knowledgeable and was able to diffuse the emotions so we could get down to the work of dividing property, striking an equitable split and most importantly, ensuring that my children were cared for and protected through the process and in the agreement. I saw and spoke to my divorce attorney on some of the worst days of my life. Looking back, I appreciate the importance of having a true professional with a practical, client-centered approach working for me. -SJ, Attleboro, MA

Thanks again for all your help. If In my travels I come across someone looking for an attorney I will certainly recommend you highly. -AC, Middleboro, MA

Mr. Landry, Thank You very much for your help. I am extremely pleased with your services. Your compassion, understanding and patience helped make my divorce case much easier to handle. Being a non-immigrant case, you had to deal with international law and documentation for which you went above and beyond, and resolved the issues in my favor. The way you handled discussions with the other counsel was highly professional and stands out when compared to that counsel. I will make sure to let people know how satisfied I was with your firm. -VM, Piscataway, NJ

I was involved in an automobile accident to which the police responded after I had left the scene. Motor vehicle charges were filed by the state and I retained a firm that I had employed for other matters.  The initial hearing traumatized me, my attorney was totally unprepared and stumbled thru the session. He presented no planned defense either in court or to me after the session. I was horrified. Charles was suggested to me by a friend of the family and, though reluctant to replace my family attorney, I went to see him.  Right from the start the process was different. I told the story. He took notes, asked questions and requested the police report along with pictures of the scene. He told me not to worry, although by then it was too late.  I spoke to him a couple of times before court, we only had a month to prepare, and each time was told it was under control.  We went to court and it was a totally different experience than with my previous attorney.  Charles presented my case in a clear and well prepared way, addressing all of the accusations with facts and satisfying the court in all matters.  The result was fantastic, and settled that day with all the charges against me being dismissed once I paid $100 in court costs.  Thank you Charles. - N.L.

My  husband and I recently had the experience of working with Charles Landry on a matter involving Social Security.  I have dealt with many lawyers for different issues over the years some good, some bad.  I found working with Attorney Charles Landry to be as pleasant a legal experience as possible.  Charles is very clear on his expectations of  you and wants to know yours of him.  He keeps in close contact when in our case our hearing was approaching.  Any questions he had he called never assumed anything.  Any legal issue always carries it's stressors, but Charles has a very calm, reassuring way of keeping telling it like it is.  His realistic approach gives you the best and worse expected outcomes, no surprises.  However in our particular case we were surprised that the outcome was better than anticipated.  His legal fees were very reasonable and he did not constantly have us running to the office for unnecessary, costly appointments.  I have to say again it was a pleasure working with Charles, "he listens" the most important trait in law.  One word can make or break a case.  I look forward to dealing with Charles in the future for assistance with different issues.  My husband and I wish Charles and his wife, Deborah the very best of luck in their new endeavor and strongly recommend if you are looking for an attorney not only with expertise but compassion and a personality this is where you need to go! - Roberta and Stephen Wilson, Taunton, Ma.

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